We are a small family farm located in Central Indiana, USA. 


After being married almost 13 years, Phil & Julie decided to return to their home state of Indiana.  Here they plan to raise sheep, chickens, ducks, and of course their Belgian Sheepdogs and Mudi. They also help in fostering for American Belgian Malinois Club Rescue:  www.malinoisrescue.org


History of CreekWind Farm

Phil grew up on a farm where his family raised Arabian horses.  Julie was always a dog lover!  She got her first Belgian, a Tervuren, when she was 13-years-old.  "Lexie" came to live with Julie at the age of 9-months-old, was a great first dog, and taught Julie a lot about the Belgian breeds.  Unfortunately, she died at age 3 1/2 of a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm.  Shortly after Lexie died, Julie obtained her uncle "Pete" at the age of 3 months.  He was a sweet dog, and became Julie's first AKC champion.  He also introduced Julie to herding when they attended a herding instinct test sponsored by the American Belgian Tervuren Club in the St. Louis area.  Pete also died young, at age 4 1/2, of complications related bizarre intestinal problems, similar to Crohn's disease.  After Pete died, Julie handled some other dogs in conformation shows for other folks, and evenually decided to have Groenendael instead of Tervuren.  The dogs that followed....Levi the Boxer, Amie, Barnabus, Ness, Aggie, Bechelle, Claire, and others, have all been priceless companions.

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