Belgian Sheepdogs (Groenendael)


Our kennel name when breeding Belgians has been "Du Soleil" since 1982. 


The dogs listed below are shown in the same order in the photos below.


Blak Jak's Finesse Du Soleil, CD, TD, HT, NJP, CGC:

Ness was Julie's first Groenendael.  She was a tough dog that taught Julie to be a better dog owner and trainer! Ness was dominant, but incredibly intelligent.  She learned everything in 1 or 2 repetitions, and was a very loyal companion to Phil.  Ness was an excellent tracking dog and earned her TD with a very novice handler (Julie).  Ness was also a bounday style herding dog. Ness was bred to Am/Can Ch Johnsondale's Starbuck, CD, HIC, ROM to produce our "A" litter.


Ch Agness Du Soleil, CD, RN, NA, NAJ, OAP, OJP, CGC

Her daughter, Aggie, was such a sweet, loving dog that got along with everyone and everything. Sometimes it was difficult to believe she was Ness' daughter!  Aggie could (and did!) go everywhere with the hardware store, grocery, you name it...she was his travelling companion.  Aggie was also a joy to show in conformation, obedience and agility.  She showed herding instinct on ducks when given the opportunity at the age of 8, and she was certified in tracking but was never drawn for a tracking test.  Aggie was bred to DK NuCH s.r. T.D. R. A. NV-97-98 SV-98 NORDV-98 Fakaiser's Emir de Enrage to produce our "B" litter.


Bechelle Dusoleil, VCD1, RA, HSAds, HRD 1s, STDs, CGC

Aggie's daughter Bechelle was born in 2001.  She took to tracking and herding faster than one could imagine.  If only Julie had been a better herding handler, Bechelle could have gone far!  But together they learned a lot.  Bechelle was a superb tracking dog, but developed a long-term respiratory illness at age 6 which kept her from tracking any further.  Before that, Julie and Bechelle had great fun trying all sorts of difficult obstacles in tracking practice.  Bechelle was bred to Am/Can Ch Isengard's Just In Time CD, RE, HSAdsc, HIAs, HXAs, MX, MXJ, TT, ATDs, STDd to produce our "C" litter.


Clarisse Dusoleil, VCD2, BN, RE, MXJ, HSAs, HRD2s, RLF2s, STDs, CGC, BSCA WDX-C, BSCA WD-H

Claire was Bechelle's daughter, born in 2005.  Almost from the beginning she was Julie's shadow.  Claire wanted to be with Julie in everything she did, and the two were a great team in agility, obedience, Rally, herding, and tracking.  She was the ultimate companion.  Claire was spayed when she was about 2 years old.  She was bitten in the face before she was 6 months old, and though had a perfect scissors bite as a puppy, her upper jaw did not grow much an she developed an undershot bite.  While Claire has a shorter muzzle than most Belgians, it is unknown if it is due to the trauma or not, and so we decide to alter her.

Isengard's One And Only RATI

Desi was born March 23, 2017 and joined our family two months later.  She has personality plus, and promises to be a very fun dog to work with in whatever we choose.  She has started training in tracking, herding, and very basic obedience.


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