Our Rescued Malinois

In 2015, Phil was interested in adding a Belgian Malinois from American Belgian Malinois Rescue to our household.  We looked at the available dogs for a while, and found Kira.  Interestingly, her name in Miami Dade Animal Shelter was Kira, then her foster owner changed it to Kayla,and without knowing her previous name, we changed it back to Kira.  She is a very big girl, and enjoys jogging with us, playing with Luke and Desi, and is learning the game of barn hunt, and to herd sheep.   Kira was believed to be born in 2013.

Then, in December 2016, we were asked if we could foster an 8-year-old Malinois that had been turned in to a shelter due to her owners divorcing.  We agreed, and Phil picked her up on New Year's Eve 2016, on his way home from Cincinnati.  Within 5 minutes of being at our house, Echo made it known that THIS IS HER HOME, and PHIL IS HER DADDY!  She rarely leaves his side, and often lies in the garage while he works on the ATVs.  She also goes camping with Phil, enjoying running in the woods and playing in the river, or just sitting by the fire.  

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